Friday, 8 January 2016

Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara

After a friend reccomended to me the new Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara, I was slightly hesitant to try it because I have never really been a big fan of mascaras, which is evident as I used to only own two (now I own three..).
I think after many, many years of dance concerts I grew sick of it and never wanted to use it again! My lashes have a natural curl to them already and I never really felt the need to buy mascara; however, I am pleased to say that I have found a mascara I quite like.

The worst things about mascara for me are clumping, heaviness and the formula going onto my eyelids when I blink. Overall I am very impressed with this mascara as I experience little clumping, it isn't as heavy as other mascaras I have tried and the mascara isn't incredibly over the top so much so it would smudge onto my eyelids. I purchased the washable version although I didn't see a waterproof version in store. So even if I was unlucky enough to smudge it, I could easily wipe it off and start again without ruining much of the rest of my makeup.

I like the two sections on the brush, both the large and small sides. The larger side is good for applying the mascara normally, whereas the smaller side is more suited for touch ups and curling the inner part of the eyelash that is most often hard to reach.

I find that there is indeed a noticeable difference before and after application of this mascara. I find that my eyelashes have a more prominent curl while also looking bold, which is a look I love. The mascara stays on for the entire day; say if I apply it in the morning around 9am, it will still look the same until 6pm when I come home and take it off.
I purchased it at Priceline on sale for $15, although the RRP is $21.95. I know that The Chemist Warehouse were selling it for $12.50 recently, but it's available virtually everywhere between the $13 - $22 price range.

I'm satisfied with my latest addition to my small, but good, mascara family. Each mascara gives a different look, and I think the Maybelline Lash Senational is my favourite.

What do you think of the Maybelline Lash Sensational? Have you tried any other mascaras lately? Talk to me in the comments below. 


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