Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Sydney Slicking

{Sydney Harbour}

A few months ago, I explored Sydney for the first time with a group of friends.
We caught the train to Sydney on a sunny Thursday morning, bright eyed and bushy tailed.
I was incredibly excited as I had been to Sydney before, but had never actually spent the entire day there roaming around and being a tourist in the city that is only an hour away from my suburb!

We visited the Museum of Contemporary Art first which was interesting. Walking into the building itself is amazing as there are a range of circular mirrors on the wall that give such a dazzling effect.
Most of the pieces were visually stunning however some were slightly dull. (Just because its art doesn't mean its good art!)

After spending quite a lot of time in the MCA we adventured off to find lunch, and eventually settled in the Fine Food Store. Hands down the best toastie I have ever had there- it was delicious! If anyone is in Sydney around the rocks, I would certainly recommend going there for lunch or a light snack. I had the Elvis Peanut Butter Shake as well which was heavenly! 

My friends and I then decided it was time to hit the shops. We got slightly lost and ended up on the wrong end of Pitt Street... (In my defence it is a very long road and I had never shopped there before- unlike the others- so I had no clue where I was going!) 
When we reached Pitt Street Mall after going here there and everywhere trying to find it by walking and catching trains, we had a quick wander around before it was time to catch our train home.

Sydney is a lovely city and it is beautiful to explore, and I hope during the summer I will have more chances to visit there again.

{Me at the MCA}

{Light x art exhibition}

{Lunch at The Fine Food Store}
{View of Sydney from a MCA window}

{Artwork in the MCA}

{Entry/Exit of the MCA}
{My friend Rachel, left, and I at the MCA}


  1. I went to Sydney recently as well and I loved it, Pitt St really does seem to go on forever. Also, that peanut butter shake sounds amazing!

    1. It was delicious! If you ever find yourself at the Fine Food Store then definitely try it xx

  2. It was delicious! If you ever find yourself at the Fine Food Store then definitely try it xx


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