Monday, 23 November 2015

This is what dreams are made of

In September and October last year, I travelled to Italy on exchange with my school.
It was one of the most spectacular experiences and I will cherish every moment I spent there with people I can now call my family- i.e. the Australians who came with me and the Italians I met along the way.

I stayed in Gualdo, Tadnio for two weeks with my host family and attended school there. During our two weeks in Gualdo we also visited Spello, Assisi, Perugia and a small town nearby named Gubbio.
Gualdo is now like my second home. I became familiar with the windy roads, the best pizza shop ever, the familiar faces on the streets and I became accustomed to eating much more food than I normally would! (But who am I to complain, when majority of the time I ate home cooked authentic Italian dishes my host family lovingly made for me).

After the two week home stay in Gualdo, we said an emotional goodbye to our host families and hopped on our bus and travelled to Rome, Sienna, Verona, Florence and Venice.
Spending almost a month in Italy made me realise how much love I had for the country, its people, and of course- its food.

Over the next few weeks I will be recounting my adventures by blogging all of the places I went to, starting with Gualdo, Tadino.

I look forward to sharing my experiences with you! xx

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