Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Seasons Greetings

As Christmas is over and we are about to begin celebrating the new year, I thought I'd share my Christmas and holiday festivities.

On Monday 21st, my mum, younger brother, friend and I made shortbread.
It's a Christmas tradition for us to make shortbread, and it is so fun to make. Even if you don't enjoy eating it you could always give it as a gift to someone. We made two batches- one for us and one for my uncle. My uncle's shortbread are in the last image, sprinkled with icing sugar and placed in a large cookie bowl, wrapped with various ribbons and a gift tag.

Decorating the tree with my mum proved to be a challenge this year with our lights blowing up, so we had to improvise with coloured lights instead of our regular gold ones. These lights lasted up until Boxing Day, when one of the dogs decided to chew on the cord- resulting in another lot of dead lights. Christmas tree light shopping will be number 1 on our to-do-list next Christmas! 

Decorations on our tree
I decorated my room with tinsel, lights and ornaments to add some festivity to the room I spend most of my time in!

Festive shelf with tinsel
My bedside table with a Christmas card and a glass Christmas tree

This was our table setting for Christmas Day in our dining room, including a new red tablecloth, crackers, Dusk snowflake tea light holders, jars for after-dinner mints, and reindeer tea lights. 

Below is our set up for the snacks in the living room

I hope had yourselves a merry little Christmas 

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